Taein Kwon

I am a Ph.D. student at the Computer Vision and Geometry Group, ETH Zurich under the supervision of Prof. Marc Pollefeys.

My research interests are Action Recognition, Egocentric Vision, Multimodal Human-AI Interaction, Mixed Reality and Computer Vision.

Previously, at UCLA, I graduated with an M.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Also, I received my B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea

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EgoBody: Human Body Shape and Motion of Interacting People from Head-Mounted Devices
Siwei Zhang, Qianli Ma, Yan Zhang, Zhiyin Qian, Taein Kwon, Marc Pollefeys, Federica Bogo, Siyu Tang
ECCV, 2022 
project page / paper / code

EgoBody is a large-scale dataset capturing ground-truth 3D human motions during social interactions in 3D scenes. Given two interacting subjects, we leverage a lightweight multi-camera rig to reconstruct their 3D shape and pose over time.

Context-Aware Sequence Alignment using 4D Skeletal Augmentation
Taein Kwon, Bugra Tekin, Siyu Tang, Marc Pollefeys
CVPR, 2022 (Oral Presentation)
project page / paper / video / code

Based on off-the-shelf human pose estimators, we propose a novel context-aware self-supervised learning architecture to align sequences of actions.

H2O: Two Hands Manipulating Objects for First Person Interaction Recognition
Taein Kwon, Bugra Tekin, Jan Stuhmer, Federica Bogo, Marc Pollefeys
ICCV, 2021
project page / paper / video

Our dataset, called H2O (2 Hands and Objects), provides synchronized multi-view RGB-D images, interaction labels, object classes, ground-truth 3D poses for left & right hands, 6D object poses, ground-truth camera poses, object meshes and scene point clouds.

Smart Refrigerator for Healthcare Using Food Image Classification
Taein Kwon, Eunjeong Park, Hyukjae Chang
ACM BCB, 2016

We propose a sensor-equipped food container, Smart Refrigerator, which discriminates foods and monitors their status.

Teaching Assistant
Awards and Talks
  • Scholarship, Recipient of Korean Government Scholarship from NIIED 2018

  • Scholarship, Yonsei International Foundation 2016

  • IBM Innovation Prize, Startup Weekend, Technology Competition 2015

  • Best Technology Prize, Internet of Things (IoT) Hackathon by the government of Korea 2014

  • Best Laboratory Intern, Yonsei Institute of Information and Communication Technology 2014

  • Scholarship, Yonsei University Foundation 2014, 2010

  • Creative Prize, Startup Competition, Yonsei University 2014

  • Scholarship, Korean Telecom Group Foundation 2011
  • 2022/03/30: Context-Aware Sequence Alignment using 4D Skeletal Augmentation. Applied Machine Learning Days (AMLD) @EPFL & Swiss JRC [Link]

  • 2021/10/17: H2O: Two Hands Manipulating Objects for First Person Interaction Recognition. ICCV 2021 Workshop on Egocentric Perception, Interaction and Computing (EPIC) [Link|Video]

  • 2021/04/20: H2O: Two Hands Manipulating Objects for First Person Interaction Recognition. Swiss Joint Research Center (JRC) Workshop 2021 [Link|Video]
Academic Service
Organizer: Human Body, Hands, and Activities from Egocentric and Multi-view Cameras @ ECCV'22, KSAE Open Seminar @ ETH Zurich

Student Projects
Dept. of Computer Science

ETH Zurich

CNB G 85.2

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CH-8092 Zurich, Switzerland

Tel: +41 (0)44 63 26 360

taein.kwon@inf (dot) ethz (dot) ch

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